ABC Book 2016 C is for Cow

Week three is here already and the letter this week is C! The letter C is for Cow. Here is the most famous cow of all! Her name is Claire and she's the one who jumped over the moon. She considers herself a great long distance jumper and an out of this world athlete!

ABC Book 2016

Ten years ago I launched a project named Steve Mack's ABC Book. It was the launch to my career in illustration. In this project I released a new illustration for each letter of the alphabet every week on my blog (Twitter and Facebook were not yet a big thing in 2006!) 26 letters later when the alphabet was completed I self published that book on The book is now out of print but I still get requests to this day from people to buy the book. 

In honor of the 10 years since I first created that project I have decided to revisit the idea and release a new page for each letter of the alphabet starting today! 

Please join me in watching how my NEW ABC Illustrated Compendium develops over the coming weeks via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and starting right here on the good old fashioned blog!

A is for Alligator!




Let's Go to the Zoo!

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start! Just thought I'd post a little peek at what I am working on today. It was just one of those days where I get lost in Adobe Photoshop having fun and making things look interesting to my eye. Can you imagine driving a bus full of zoo animals?  I am not a big fan of snakes so I put her up on the upper deck! 

Stay warm my friends,

-Steve Mack